We help our customer with corporate videos Marketing videos and animated videos to increase their brand value.


We Make Eye-catchy Animation Videos which will Inspire & Engage Your Audience and Enrich Your Business!

Animation videos are powerful visuals and audio narration where it can be used to explain complex ideas, and concepts as it sparks the conversations and makes your audience to follow the story.

Motionmax combining the experience of a agency with the drive and efficiency of a start-up. We are constantly innovating and striving for new ways of doing things, from the ideas we come up with, to the equipment and technology we use. We specialise in 2D & 3D Animation Marketing vidoes. s and have produced hundreds of films for a diverse range of clients. These include key players in the automotivefashiontechnologyfinance and FMCG sectors.

Firstborn Offers

The mere concept may sound very attractive, but very few animation video makers know about the right content to be displayed in your videos. A right video can make you while a poor video can be very misleading. In the world of video-making, one should also consider the practical aspects of Whiteboard animation services.

  1. Lower Production costs
  2. Localize a single video in any language of the world
  3. Whiteboard videos are highly flexible. Make any big or small change in the future easily!

2D Animation

The right video can do more than explain – it can boost sales and enhance your brand.

3D Aniamtion

If you need to explain complicated ideas or products, a 3D animation video is your best tool.

Whiteboard videos

Whiteboard animation video is a very effective tool for companies

2D Explainer videos

Audio, visual and text to make engaging yet professional videos

Marketing Videos

If you are looking at a long term return on your investment Marketing Animation videos

Motion Graphics

Present a company initiative, explain your processes or market an innovative idea.

Marketing Animation Projects

Our Best Price Plan

This integration of strategy, creative and production enables us to reach the strongest possible ideas and seamlessly turn them into reality. The way we are structured also enables us to move into the production phase significantly faster than most TV advertising agencies.

As an end to end production house, we are game for challenges of different sizes and shapes. From being a trusted Line producer to Agencies to being creative producers for brands, we have been a happy partner to many successful campaigns.



No hidden fees. No pressure.

  • Animation( basic detailing)
  • Graphics
  • Music
  • 40 sec (duration)
  • HD quality video


Businesses with a limited budget.

  • Concept & Script
  • Semi detailed animation
  • Music and Voice over
  • Graphics
  • 1 min , 40 sec videos formats


goal to reach massive audiences.

  • Concept , Script & Storyboard
  • Semi detailed animation
  • Music and Voice over
  • Graphics
  • 1min ,40 sec & 20 sec videos formats
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